What Would You Do if RP Was Cured Tomorrow?

What Would You Do if RP Was Cured Tomorrow?

Some time ago I posted the question on Facebook, “What would you do if your RP was cured tomorrow?”  Thank you for all the people who sent messages and posted their comments, I really appreciate it!  Special thanks to Dave Steele, our poet ambassador for his contribution of an original poem on the topic, I hope you all enjoy it as much as I have.  Let’s get started with Dave’s poem and then I’ve got a quick synopsis of what we would do if our RP was cured tomorrow.  Below that, I have a special treat.  Dave Steele has a music video with a great song to get us all singing along.

Today’s the day we’ve waited for, they say they’ve found the cure.

We’ll see just how the whole world sees just like we did before.

We’ll jump behind the wheel again no stress from A to B,

our confidence is high once more for all the world to see.

From now on they’ll be no more tears or feeling on our own,

in darkness we will lead the way and venture out alone.

Those that once abandoned us will knock upon our door,

and promise to be friend to us unlike they were before.

Our canine friends will have a rest a well-earned holiday,

cause now we see 120 and have put our canes away.

The flashes have now disappeared the glare and all the haze,

Replaced by perfect vision no more bruises happy days!

No more stares or questions or faces look unsure,

today we’ll walk without their gaze cause now we have our cure.

But all this has me thinking should we be the ones to change,

the world has sight but no vision and no pill can turn that page.

For now, it’s clear I got it wrong this life’s not bad I’m sure,

just try to see what we still see understanding is the cure.

By Dave Steele(c)copyright protected

Dave Steele is from Manchester UK and is legally blind due to retinitis pigmentosa (RP). Since losing his sight, he has begun writing poetry as a way to bring awareness to others and to help other visually impaired people cope with their fears. He has two books of his poetry published and you can find them here: https://www.amazon.com/Stand-Me-RP-Dave-Steele-ebook/dp/B01BOWHUOQ/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1507490596&sr=8-4&keywords=Dave+Steele. For more of Dave’s wonderful words visit his Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/StandByMeRP?fref=ts

The Results Are In

I was somewhat, but not entirely surprised to find that the number one thing almost everyone says they would do is…..


Some of the other suggestions were, travel including Disneyland, Look at myself in the mirror to see how old I look, look at, visit all my loved ones, cry for joy, go back to work, and thank God.

The other big category was doing things at night including driving, attending nightclubs, stargazing, and just going for a walk at night.

There are two people I wanted to focus on because of what they had to say:

First is Ms. Donna Porter who talked about many things but the one that stood out to me is she would “visit shut-ins and take them to run their errands” This is such a beautiful gesture that I just wanted to show the heart of this exceptional lady.

The second person I think, speaks for all of us:

Chichilo Vives Primeramente le ofresco las gracias a todos los cientificos del mundo envueltos en este estudio (RP). Pues son los merecedores de nuestros respetos por su dedicacion a esta enfermedad de tantos años de huerfana. Segundo,saber que todos los que padecemo..

Translated to English: Firstly, I even thank all the scientists of the world wrapped in this study (RP). Well, are worthy of our respects for their dedication to this disease so many years of an orphan. Second, to know that all those who suffer from this disease, we will be free from the burden for so many years, it’s like a torture. The believers let’s give thanks to the Lord for light to these scientists, for the benefit of humanity. Thank you.

Thank you Chichilo for putting into words what I think all of us would do first and foremost if a cure was found tomorrow.

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