Artificial Vision and the Bionic Eye

Artificial Vision and the Bionic Eye

There is a lot of exciting research going on in the world of artificial vision and bionic eyes.  I’ve been watching the progress in this realm for years and although none of the techniques are currently mainstream and easy to access, they are promising and becoming part of the landscape for disabilities in the future.  Below are several different video talks on these new technologies and I hope that they inspire you as much as they do me.

Artificial vision stimulates the retina cells to send signals to the brain and paint the same pictures our damaged retinas used to.   The bionic eye comes in several forms but the retina is the one that is most important to RP.  The results aren’t like the old “Steve Austin, six million dollar man” bionic, or Jordy LeForge from Star Trek, but the results are still pretty astonishing.  Perhaps some day soon we will be able to see once again, just like we used to, or perhaps even better.  Dare to dream!

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