Blind Bucket List Vancouver Update

Blind Bucket List Vancouver Update

Cane sitting idle on tableHeading Out to Vancouver

Everything is now in place for the trip to Vancouver.  I’ll be there from the 13th to the 17th of March.  Most of the trip will be fun including a Fraser Valley wine tour on the 15th.  The most important part of the trip is an interview with Dr. Yu at Wellsprings Clinic.

Wellsprings Clinic for Holistic Medicine

Dr. Weidong Yu is a Chinese Medical practitioner who works out of Vancouver.  His treatment focuses on herbs, exercises and acupuncture to help with the symptoms of RP, that is to say, that his treatment seems to help RP patients vision.  I’ve watched several video testimonials of some of his patients and have heard through the grapevine that his treatment does help some people.

For those reasons, I will be going to his clinic to have a look at his facilities and interview him as well.  I’m always wary of alternative practices.  I have had acupuncture on my back and I did find it somewhat helpful but it certainly wasn’t the cure, in fact, my back still gives me trouble every once and awhile.  I do have an open mind and am willing to go and see for myself.  I will report back whatever I find, and l am truly hopeful that it does bring some relief, even if it only slows down the degeneration, it would still be a good thing.


Travelling Blind, Travelling Cheap

This will be my first test of travelling as a blind person.  I’ll be travelling with Westjet Airlines based out of Western Canada.  I’ve heard good things about the airline and I’m hoping they are all true.  I’ve registered with them as a blind person travelling and they will give me assistance when I get to the airport.

I’m staying at an Airbnb, one of the cheapest ways to provide a roof over your head when travelling.  I don’t have kitchen access at this one but there are a small fridge and a kettle – I can do a lot with just those two items! LOL

Public transportation is the way I’ll be getting around.  I’ve heard from friends who live in Vancouver that the public transportation system isn’t bad.  I’ve already started planning my routes to the different places I need to get to and will most likely buy day passes so that I can travel throughout the city for the whole day instead of staying in one area all day or paying multiple fares.


Which Brings Us to the Fun Parts

Vancouver is a beautiful place and there is so much to do and see, five days seems barely enough to do it all.  I’ve limited this trip because there are so many other important researchers, tech and service providers I want to go and see and only one in Vancouver.  If you are a person with RP living in the Vancouver area I would love to meet with you while I’m there, so please message me on facebook or send me an email at

I’ve booked a wine tour in Fraser Valley which should be a lot of fun with wonderful sights and other interesting travellers to spend a lovely afternoon with.  I’m also going to Stanley Park and the Vancouver Aquarium, VanDusen Botanical Gardens, Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, and who knows what else I’ll be able to squeeze in before I must leave.

I’m also hoping to see a friend of mine who just happens to be an Occupational Therapist and I might just be able to pick her brain about mobility and safety for the low vision.  I know she makes a great blind guide and I’ll be getting into that subject in an upcoming article.

So that is the update on the Blind Bucket List.  Again, if you are in the Vancouver area and have RP or are a parent of a child with RP, I would love to hear your story.  Please contact me at and we’ll plan to get together for a chat.  Until next time, I wish you a good life and good times!

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