Colina Cottage – A Place of Rest and Renewal In Beautiful Lea Cross, England

Colina Cottage – A Place of Rest and Renewal In Beautiful Lea Cross, England

Colina Cottage was a wonderful find on the Blind Bucket List tour.  Funny story, I had miscalculated my accommodation on my tour (forgot to convert pounds to dollars) and was over budget, so needed to find an inexpensive place to stay for a week or so.  I found Colina Cottage and the whirlwind that is Hilary Pound on Airbnb.  My week turned into nearly a month of rest and relaxation and a wondrous bounty of amazing people I met in this tiny little oasis!

My stay has also turned out to be exactly what the doctor ordered, so to speak, as we in the RP community know, doctors can only do so much for us.   The tranquil beauty of the Shropshire countryside has been a balm for body, mind and soul.  Staying with someone as warm and giving as Reiki Master and all-around healing guru, Hilary, has been an exceptionally rich and rewarding experience.  I have learned so much in such a short period of time and my perception of the world around me has found new depths.  I appreciate everything so much more and my energy and enthusiasm for life has been rekindled.

Colina Cottage is in a tiny village in England Called Lea Cross.  It is situated in the heart of Shropshire just south of Shrewsbury, the birthplace of Charles Darwin.  The rich history of the area is rivalled only by the outstanding beauty and impressive architecture.  If you want to find the quintessential English village, I would highly recommend a stop in Pontsebury.  While in Pontsebury, check out the perfect little tea shop – The Vintage Leaf where Shane will serve you a fantastic cup of tea along with some of the best food, all made with love.  Before heading off for a wander, check out Connections – it’s the village everything store with great collectibles, fashions, art and then the more practical bits you might need on your travels.. The town is beautiful with wonderful little shops and the warmest and welcoming people.

Some of my best times in the Shropshire’s were spent walking/ hiking the hills and local area.  Hilary told me about a beautiful little lake a short walk away from Colina Cottage and I went for a wonder to watch the swans on a regular basis.  I also took one of my housemates, an older lady who wanted to get out of the house but needed the companionship of someone to go with.  I was happy to oblige and encouraged her involvement in all kinds of fun activities.  Next, it was up to the Stiperstone hills with Hilary, Verena and Stephen.  We had a grand time chatting as we made our way up to the top of one of the hills.  I took in every incredible sight in awe of every little surprise around every corner.  The views from the top were breathtaking and the sheep that greeted us were so sweet.  We munched on the wind berries that we found along the way and laughed as we took wrong paths but still managed to find our way back home safe and sound.  My next hike was with an incredibly talented young woman named Rebecca Morris of Morris Mountain Yoga and Walking Retreats.  We went on a short walk so that I could see what all she does.  5.8 miles of natural beauty, a waterfall that barely flowed because of the hot dry weather and lovely flowers and shrubs that Rebecca pointed out and named along the way made for one of the most educational and enjoyable challenges I’ve ever encountered.  I conquered the hill and thereby conquered myself.

I received a Reiki atonement, Bars Healing, Metamorphic Healing Treatment, partook of Bach Herbal Tinctures all thanks to the generosity of Hilary Pound.  I also was lucky enough to receive a kinesiology treatment from another guest and forged a wonderful friendship with this woman who has travelled all over the world on her own.   When traditional medicine can do nothing for you, you become open to other possibilities.  There are enough documented “miracles” out there, stories of people who spontaneously healed that the consideration of these methods only makes sense.  I ’m willing to give nearly anything a try, simply because I must keep the hope alive.  My reasoning is that if it doesn’t hurt me, and it might help, what do I have to lose by trying.  Through Hilary, I learned so much about natural health and fitness.  Alternatives, some of which we have just forgotten about because of our reliance on the science of medicine are readily available.  My happy mistake in budgeting has richly rewarded me in ways greater than any currency ever could.

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