Ch-Ch-Ch- Changes

Ch-Ch-Ch- Changes

I’ve decided to make a few changes around here.  I’ve discovered that my posts on my travels, adventures and life as an RP’er are far more popular than the dry, more serious pieces.  I won’t stop writing them completely, but I will do less of them.  Saving them for when I discover something interesting that I think you would all enjoy or get something worthwhile out of.

So, what’s new?  What will I be writing about?  I will be writing a regular blog and will be uploading videos (videos will be coming in a few weeks) as well.  The subject matter will be more about my life, what I’m doing and what I’m interested in.  It might get a bit crazy around here – I have a plethora of interests and want to share them with you.  You might agree with me, or you might not, but I’m hoping that it will start some interesting conversations and we might be able to learn and grow through sharing our experiences.

Some of the things that I will be talking about are my work as a writer and content marketing strategist.  I love what I do, and the best part is that I can do it from anywhere.  I also love to travel and meet new people, so you can expect lots of photos and videos from the places I am, the challenges I have as an RP’er and the cool things I experience along the way.

I am a British, European and Canadian citizen and love all these places. I will be talking about each of them, probably Canada the most as it is my usual place of residence.  I also really love to talk politics, and I know that this is the part that you will probably disagree, or passionately agree with me the most.

I am an avid health and fitness enthusiast and have a few fun adventures planned over the next few months.  In March I will be going on a walking and yoga retreat in North Wales around Snowdon.  It will be a kind of preparation for the 1776 step annual CN Tower climb in April for the World Wild Life Foundation.  It’s my first year doing this stair climb and I’m hoping to do it in a decent time.  I will also be doing a self-directed walking tour through Ireland and the UK in the spring.  I love to cook and bake and will share some of my favourite recipes and foodie indulgences.  Then there is the wine, pink gin with sweet soda, and sour apple martinis – oh the cocktails – chocolate and delicious teas and coffees – I do enjoy a little indulgence from time to time.

I am also a very spiritual person with a profound faith in God – a religion, I’m not so sure about but I do love to talk about it!  I am deeply committed to my family and friends so, you will probably hear a bit about them too.  My values are rock solid and engaging in philosophical questions is one of my favourite pass-times.  Expect a few deep thoughts and morning musings in the coming days.

Finally, my greatest and most enduring passion is the arts and entertainment field.  I adore books and read as many as I can squeeze in.  Everything reminds me of a song and I often pick a “theme” song that I hum to myself all day long!  Today, it was Meatloaf’s ‘Paradise by the Dash Board Lights’, I have no idea why.  I look for beauty everywhere I go, whether it’s a piece of art, a flower, a bird, architecture, or an old pair of shoes, cast away by some random person who had no idea that the image would touch me and stay with me forever.

My greatest love, the one that thrills me and devastates me is performance – on stage, on film, in the open air – performance of a story, fiction or non-fiction – that is where it has always been AT for me!  When I was young I wanted to be an actress.  When I grew up, I trained to be a make-up artist, and now I write all manner of stories that maybe, someday might be acted out.

I have some ideas of how best to bring these loves to you in both informative and entertaining ways and I hope you will bear with me as I find my feet.  All in all, you will get to experience what I do and get a glimpse into the world as I see it.

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